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Quebec City

Hosting guests will no longer require any effort.
We’ll take care of everything for you, from start to finish.

We help you host on Airbnb with a complete and simple solution designed for people who don't have the time. The satisfaction of your guests is our top priority.

Luckey and Airbnb
Since its purchase in December 2018, Luckey has become an Airbnb wholly-owned subsidiary.

High-standards of service for your property

  • Professional cleaning of your home before guests' arrival
  • Verification of your property’s overall condition
  • High-quality bedding and bath linen sets, vanity kits, and coffee
  • Quick response to any unexpected situation
  • Property damage protection(learn more)
High-standards of service for your property

Personalized support for your guests, 24/7

  • Managing guest arrivals and departures
  • Instructions on how to find your home
  • Informations about equipment and places to visit
  • Guest support available 24/7
Personalized support for your guests, 24/7

The Airbnb and short-term rental market in Quebec City

The amount of tourists in Quebec City is quite noticeable. As a homeowner, you have the chance to offer tourists from all over the world the opportunity to feel at home during their holidays. Why not turn to theshort-term rental to make your property profitable? Our new generation seasonal rental agency will optimise your real estate investment!

  • Located in the center of the province, the city of Quebec, founded in 1608, still has traditional relics, such as the fortifications surrounding the lower town, its harbor, and museums. There is also the iconic Château Frontenac, an emblem of the city since its construction.

    With a fixed price per night, your property will make you earn about 50% more profit than if you rent it on a monthly basis, with an average occupancy rate of only 75%. Luckey offers a management service, including key collection, housekeeping and on-site toiletries, to make your guests feel at home. So during your absence, you have absolutely nothing to do to make your property profitable.

    Whether you have a small condo in Old Quebec, a home in Levis or a cottage in Tremblant, our team covers most of the territory of Quebec City and its surroundings to better serve you.

    A city to discover
  • Located in the centre of the province, the city of Quebec, founded in 1608, still has traditional relics, such as the fortifications surrounding the lower town and its harbour and heavy artilleries and museums throughout the city telling its story.

    There is also the iconic castle Frontenac, an emblem of the city since its construction, which can be seen in most of the cities streets.

    That being said, why not rent a condo or a house in Quebec City?

    Sights to visit
  • During the winter

    Residents remain very active. You will have the chance to discover the magnificent ski resorts and amusement parks of Quebec, such as Mount Stoneham, the Valcartier holiday village or Monts Valins. In addition, you will find comfort alongside jovial, warm, and very welcoming people.

    In the summer

    The old port of Quebec is a well know destination by tourists and residents alike. Known for its terraces, historic monuments, and the friendly warmth of its streets, the old port promises to immerse you in the francophone culture of this European-like city.

    For a more rustic Quebec

    It is best to visit the Île d'Orléans, to discover the architectural delights of quaint houses and of course, the small organic strawberries giving the island its sweet charm.

    Seasons in Quebec City

Luckey’s share of the generated revenue


No prepayments
and no hidden fees.
Simply no strings attached.

We have a clear and competitive pricing policy

You’ll get 80% of the revenue generated. The cleaning fee is paid for by the guest. We do not take a commission on the cleaning.

What you get by choosing Luckey

  • Creation of your listing on Airbnb
  • 24/7 assistance for you and your guests
  • Physical welcoming of guests
  • Regular price adjustments to optimise profits
  • High-quality cleaning services
  • A mobile app that lets you manage availability
  • Property damage coverage for Airbnb listings (learn more)
  • Greater satisfaction for your guests
  • Quality bedding and bath linen sets
  • A professional photographer to take pictures of your home
  • Quick and efficient team available for general maintenance and other inquiries

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